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There is nothing like "experiencing" to truly connect ourselves to life. This is why I'm hosting a few educator trips each year to the Arctic, to inspire true connection, with each other and our world. 

Winter Fox

Fall 2022

Fall is a special time in the Arctic. The Arctic birds are flying south, there is snow in the air but not staying on the ground yet, whaling season has arrived, and the polar bears are often on land as they await the ice to form. The tundra is changing colors and there is an excitement in the air for the upcoming winter. The Arctic is inviting you to come for a visit. $2,975   Fall Packet.

Winter 2022/23

This trip happens around New Years, in the midst of Polar Night: A time when the Arctic is experiencing 64 days without the sun.  You will experience the Arctic during it's winter season, with temps raging between -20 to -60 with windchill. It's during this time of year when you have the best chance to experience the northern lights. It's during this trip that you will experience the Arctic in one of it's most beautifully magical season.  A season that not many get to experience. So, why not bring in the New Year at the top of the world! $2,975  Winter Packet

Winter Fox

Spring 2023

Spring, with new life returning to the Arctic and the midnight sun shining bright above, this time of year you can't help but feel the Arctic waking up from its long winter nap. In this season, the more traditional Spring whaling is in progress out on the sea ice, Spring festival takes place, and the opportunity to see wildlife is more likely. Come visit in the Spring and enjoy the awakening in the Arctic. $2,975 Spring Packet

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